The Gurukula Campus is a self-contained facility that provides all the essential facilities and infrastructure for the pursuit of excellence in PU Education.

The College is an aesthetically built structure designed with great care the living and working spaces are structured to inspire harmony. We have spared no plans to make the surroundings fresh and green only in such beautiful atmosphere can there be the germination of productive thoughts & ideas.

Teaching Faculty

Well qualified and dedicated teaching faculty are the hall marks of Gurukula PU College who put their untiring efforts is motivation the students to the academics and co- curricular activities. Faculty members attend workshops regularly in their subjects, updating themselves to import quality education.

Orientation by Experts

Asserting that success is not a matter of chance but a matter of choice, for that students need to evaluate themselves. With a same vision our college will provide orientation program to the new comers by the Professionist. 

Class Rooms

Classroom are designed in such a way the student can easily access learning with open spaces that will be used for extended learning activities. Academic excellence enhanced through latest audio-visual technology with smart class facility.

Library Facility

The college has an extensive Library with books related to the curriculum, general knowledge and literature is opened for students with large space room. The students are encouraged to use the library and are introduced to the habit of looking up for information through project work.

Counseling & Mentoring

The college embraces the mentoring system to build stronger, close, healthy & supportive relationship between teacher & the student. Each mentor is given a set of students and who closely monitor the academic progress, attendance socio psychological aspects of each student & thereby improving the mentees academic skills.

Transport Facilities

Safe, comfort and reliable transportation in and around Kundapura for day scholars as well as for education trips and other outings as well.

Coaching Faculty

In pursuit of academic excellence, consistent and dedicated competitive exam Teaching Fraternity by the No. 1 team of Karnataka with more than 30 years of teaching experience will be provided to coach JEE, NEET and KCET aspirants. We started to give integrated coaching to the student from I PU. 

Seminars / Workshops

We organizes regular workshops and classes to cultivate learning thrust among the students. And continuous seminar classes will be organized on core subjects through that students will not be find difficulty in their studies.


Well-equipped laboratories for physics, chemistry, biology and computer science in the college help students to implement and explore the concepts they have learned in their theory classes. Every student is trained and allowed to conduct practical independently.

Sports Education

The college also gives much needed importance to curricular activities but also in extracurricular activities. Especially for Sports education. There is ample space for children to play group games, sports and varied athletic events are created the college as students’ friendly education.

Parent Teacher  Meeting

Parent teacher meeting is conducted 2 or 3 times in a year to identify both the challenges & gains, the child seems to be facing as a student and as a social person. Teachers and Parents use these moments to establish a rapport and develop a common goal that focuses on helping the child have the best college experience possible.

Mid-day Meals

We also provide healthy and tasty lunch for students with low cost.

What Our Students Say


Sindhu Wadaratti

Gurukula is the best College. Gurukula gave me a platform where I could bring out my latent talent and hidden capabilities. For this, I would like to thank my teachers, especially Principal whose endless support and guidance nourished my mind, empowered my soul and molded my personality. Thanks Gurukula in accomplishing and assisting me in ultimate aim of education - self realisation and self-expression.